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  Born in Sheffield, England. Resident in Chamonix, France, since 1983. 

My life style has evolved from that of a climber to one of artist/climber. These two apparently dissimilar activities allow me to explore the mountain ranges of the world, looking for first ascents, adventure and images.

These wild and fabulous landscapes, exotic and strange people inspire me to work in sometimes awkward situations and under difficult conditions.

« Inauguration of La Voile Déchirée,
Switzerland, 2007.
« Studio in the Langtang valley, Nepal...
  Having witnessed the ingenuity of people less fortunate and their ability to reuse items which we would cast aside, has reinforced my philosophy towards the use of found objects in my sculpting.

Climbing and life are, I believe, not about conquering or dominating but adaptation.

Click here to watch short interview with Andy.

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Andy Parkin: A Life in Adaptation
The definitive film about the artist and winner of the Special Jury Prize at the
2008 Kendal Film Festival.
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